2B3A2806Bohemian Beauty is currently looking to hire (under CONTRACT EMPLOYMENT ONLY) licensed RMTs (Registered Massage Therapists).
MUST be willing to travel for work (MOBILE WORK ONLY) and have your own reliable transportation, that can store a massage table and necessary spa equipment. This is a 70/30 split business proposal, which includes a mileage incentive benefit; employees are responsible to their individual spa schedules, work & client etiquette, respecting the “Bohemian Beauty” name and uniform, handling invoices, finances & receipts.
Employees will also have Bohemian Beauty advertisements (social media, customized personal business cards, etc.) to ASSIST in helping you fill your weekly appointment times available.. All home addresses of employees are considered when   weekly work schedules are made up. Duration of travel will remain as local as possible to each individual staff member. Flexible hours! Decide which days a week you wish to work!